Through unsurpassed global management, the Michigan operations ensures that you get what you need, where you need it, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. We offer world-class products to the largest names in the automotive industry. We do so with superior quality, a proven global supply chain, and localized service and support. And we do all of this with competitive pricing that allows your organization more flexibility in your production budgets.

USA Operations

  • USA Facilities Include:

    • Mayco International
    • Transglobal
    • Deluxe Technologies
    • Nova Industries
    • Claw Logistics
    • JVIS USA

    Mayco International is a leader in providing interior and exterior modules to the global automotive industry, using the latest technologies, materials and concepts. We design, engineer, validate, and manufacture, a wide variety of automotive interior products from individual air registers to fully assembled cockpits systems and subsystems such as instrument panels, center consoles, and door panels.

    We understand customer needs and wants. As a result, we are a leader in “art to part” capabilities, delivering high-quality assemblies to automakers around the world just in time.

    Mayco’s vision statement: To be recognized as the supplier of choice in the development, validation, tooling and manufacturing of complete product systems and modules for any industry.

    Our interior products’ expertise includes:
    • Instrument and Door Panels
    • Overhead and Center Consoles
    • Sidewall Trim
    • Air Register
    • HVAC Controls
    • Decorative Trim
    • Chrome Trim
    • Load Floors, Package Trays, Sun Shades


    Mayco’s exterior product examples:

    Radiator Grille
    Exterior Moulding
    Back-Up Camera and Sensor
    Tail Gate Garnish
    Mirror Skull Cap
    Emblemsv Door Handles

    Address and contact details:

    42400 Merrill Road
    Sterling Heights,
    MI 48314
    Phone: 586-803-6000



    TransGlobal (TGC) is an automotive engineering and vehicle assembly services provider to the automotive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) industry. Focusing on OEM Homologation programs for General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, The Company re-designed vehicle systems to meet overseas legal and safety requirements and provided vehicle modification services to retrofit the vehicles with the re-designed systems.

    The scope of services was steadily expanded to become a full-service vehicle engineering and manufacturing services provider, including: niche vehicle development-prototype component, system and vehicle build; garage services; testing and certification. During the period 1989 to 2006 company sales grew from $1.0 million to a peak of $30.0 million.

    In January 2006, TransGlobal Investments purchased the assets of TDM and the company name was changed to TransGlobal, LLC., under which it operates today. Current staffing is approximately 100 management, technical and shop personnel, operating 46 facilites in 23 states. Customers include most of the OEMs worldwide and many Tier1 and sub-tier suppliers.

    TransGlobal has a history of successful niche market programs covering a wide range of product applications in over 34 international markets and a cumulative production volume in excess of 300,000 vehicles.

    transglobal 2
    Services include:

    Program management
    Industrial Design
    Metal fabrication

    Current programs:

    Camaro ZL1 Hood Scoop
    Gaseous Fuel Systems
    Military vehicles
    Seat Frame modifications
    Viper Carbon Fibre package

    Contact details:

    Corporate Headquarters

    1020 Doris Road
    Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326
    Phone - 248-972-2600
    Fax - 248-340-6246

    Livonia Office

    13000 Farmington Rd
    Livonia, Michigan, 48150
    Phone - 313-801-3231

    Sales Department

    Elizebeth Hughes
    V.P. Business Development
    Phone - 248-804-6187


    Deluxe Technologies is a development service center setup to help companies develop products from initial ideation, design optimization, conceptual models to short-run manufacturing.

    Our expertise is in Design (CAD, CAE & CAS), Model Making, Rapid Prototyping, Precise Complex Machining, and Rapid Tooling.

    We don’t just make parts. We will review the requested components and guide you through the process, making recommendations as we go.

    As part of our design review process we will make recommendation that may enhance product performance and reliability as well as reduce cost



    Contact Details

    34537 Bennett Drive,
    MI 48026
    Joe Mielke
    Phone: 586-596-3807
    Bryan Frohriep
    Phone: 586-601-5536


    Nova competes as a low-cost, high technology producer of plastic moulded components in both the automotive and non-automotive industries. We operate as a Tier 1/Tier 2, with a distinct competitive advantage - minimal overhead expense. Nova focuses primarily on custom injection moulding and secondary value-add manufacturing processes. Venture-004
    Contact Details:

    Klein Road
    MI 48026
    phone: (586)294-9182
    fax: (586)294-9579



    Claw Freight’s philosophy is a relentless pursuit to service our customers’ needs. CLAW meets the high demand of our society with on-time service, customer support and high standards to quality.

    With our exceptional dispatch team we can manage your LTL or Round Trip freight with a high level of service, cost effectiveness, and on-time delivery.

    Whether you’re shipping locally or from coast to coast we have the resources to provide you with fast and reliable service. With our state of the art systems, our dispatchers can not only track your shipment but we can provide minute by minute updates when required.

    Many variables influence your total transportation needs. CLAW utilizes a Smart transportation philosophy by optimizing orders and consolidating. CLAW Freight is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day to meet those needs.

    You can be assured that CLAW Freight is committed to servicing your TOTAL transportation needs.


    Contact details:

    35135 Groesbeck Hwy
    Clinton Township, MI
    Tel: (586) 791-2932

    Matt Winget (President) Office: 586-884-5984
    Fax: 586-791-2931

    Melanie Murray (Operations Manager)
    Office: 586-884-5986
    Cell: 586-943-1790
    Fax: 586-791-2931


    JVIS-USA provides expert Design/Development and Tooling of automotive components including chrome, press metal, and precision plastics. Further, it is the exceptional scope of our services, such as Engineering, Design Validation, Tooling, Manufacturing, Assembly, and Sequencing/JIT that makes JVIS-USA the supplier of choice.

    To maximize supply chain efficiencies and minimize production costs, JVIS has 10 facilities in five countries across three continents. Through unsurpassed global supply management, JVIS ensures you get what you need, where you need it, as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Our mission statement is to be recognized as the supplier of choice for components and tooling that exceed customer objectives in price, quality, supply, technology, and innovation.

    Contact details:

    Jason Murar (President)
    Office: 586.884.5950
    Fax: 586.739.9543
    1285 N
    Crystal Ave, Benton Harbor,