As a group of global partners, we are world leaders in the manufacturing of interior and exterior automotive systems and are supplying components to a large number of OEM’s in the automotive industry. By using the latest technologies, materials and techniques, we design, engineer, validate and manufacture a wide variety of automotive products. Understanding our customer’s needs, inspires us to provide cost-effective quality interior and exterior products on-time.
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  • Services

    Venture’s global automotive component facilities are equipped to cater for all our customer’s requirements by having robust equipment available to cater for manufacturing processes such as:
    • Blow Moulding,
    • Injection Moulding,
    • 2K Injection Moulding,
    • Vacuum Forming,
    • Chroming,
    • Painting
    • Cubic Printing
    • Polyurethane skins


    Some of our interior products include:

      Instrument panels,
      Door panels,
      Glove boxes,
      Overhead and center consoles,
      Sidewall Trim, decorative and chrome trim,
      HVAC Controls,
      Air Register

    Some of our exterior products include:

        Black Plastic & Technical mouldings,
        Mirror caps,
        Tail Gate,
        Radiator Grill,
        Wheel caps,
        Mud flaps and door handles