Adventure Power, a subsidiary of the Venture Group, develops, manufactures and commissions 300kW wind turbines for the provision of cost-effective electrical power in areas where wind speeds are conducive to wind energy generation.
  • Adventure Power

    During 2007 the group, through its subsidiary Adventure Power, designed and manufactured the new fourth generation 300KW wind turbine. Adventure Power has become the first manufacturing facility of fourth generation, large scale wind turbines on the African continent.

    This great initiative has helped Venture to become a green company, as well as our customers. Our company's profile and ensure that it is less reliant on the municipal grid.

    Furthermore it can be seen as a significant development for South African technology and innovation as this project utilises a fully South African manufactured and designed wind turbine, the first of its kind for medium to large scale turbines in the country.


    With the looming carbon tax soon to be imposed in South Africa and its industry, Venture is one of the firsts to take a step forward utilising wind energy to lower its carbon footprint and become more energy efficient.